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Meeting Francine Rivers November 3, 2008

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My best friend and I went to a fundraising event the other night. The guest speaker was Francine Rivers. We happened to get there early and lucked out that Francine was sitting at the book table. We both bought the three-book set of the Mark of the Lion series. She signed all three books for both of us and we got our picture taken with her. She was very nice and we were excited to get our picture taken with her. She is also an excellent speaker, and we appreciated her taking the time to come to this event. The header on my blog is left to right myself, Francine, and then Cheryl. We’re crazy awestruck fans!


8 Responses to “Meeting Francine Rivers”

  1. I met Francine years ago at an RWA conference. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the Lion series.

  2. Cheryl Shryack Says:

    Who’s that hot blond on the right in your photo?

    Anonomous reader(not cheryl)

  3. Pam Williams Says:

    I don’t know any of those in the picture and wondered who was who. I know of Francine Rivers’ writings, I have read one of her books. But I don’t recall knowing what she looks like. Did you give the names to who they belong to, left to right in the picture? I want you to know you are not the only crazy awestruck fans! I got to go to the ACFW conference to meet the authors and that is exactly how I felt! Glad you got to meet her and talk to Patti Lacy. I got to meet Patti in person in MN. I’m still excited!

  4. pattyleblanc Says:

    I just edited my post to reflect who was who in the picture.

  5. Don’t forget to read Redeeming Love if you haven’t, too! Isn’t Francine just the nicest person? She is one of the most humble authors. That was awesome that you were able to meet her.

    I love it when people include photos from their adventures on their blog. Thanks for sharing!

  6. karen andregg Says:

    Hi Patty…thanks for sending this to me….I’m throwing my name in…love to read…(it is usually in the bathroom):-) and if the book is good I find myself going in there more!

    Have a Merry Christmas!

  7. karen andregg Says:

    Merry Christmas and may the ‘best girl’ win!!!

  8. Christy Says:

    Love the pic of you with Francine Rivers!! :o) What an incredible experience to be able to meet one of Christian fiction’s greatest authors.

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