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Spelling Bee day January 7, 2009

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Today my girls had their classroom spelling bees to see who would go to districts. My oldest got second place for her grade, which means she will move on to districts. She’s very excited about this. It is her second year going, and this year if she wins she is able to move on. Last year she got 1st place at districts, but she couldn’t go past that so she is looking forward to hopefully going further this year. My little bit got second runner up. She was pretty disappointed with herself, but she’ll be alright. I think she just gets frustrated because her sister gets to go and she doesn’t. Here’s a picture from Kristen’s win last year with her trophy.

1st Place spelling bee districts 2008

1st Place spelling bee districts 2008


2 Responses to “Spelling Bee day”

  1. Lynn Rush Says:

    OH, that’s GREAT! Congrats to her.

  2. Oh I love spelling bees. My oldest son won the school district three time, then the county once, and then went to the state bee and was on TV. đŸ™‚ It’s quite a thrill to have a kid win stuff like that.

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