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How do you choose a book to read? January 8, 2009

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I have been curious what details people look at when they are deciding whether or not to read a book. When you go to the library and peruse the aisles, when you go to the bookstores and have some time to kill, what is the final deciding factor that makes you choose that specific book? Personally, I am a bit partial to the cover. The story, of course, is important as well, but to my eye I have to really like the cover. So many of the covers coming out these days are quite appealing to the eye and that tends to be what draws me in. So, there’s my two cents worth and I would love to hear yours.


11 Responses to “How do you choose a book to read?”

  1. Patti Lacy Says:

    Wow, what a GREAT site! I DO look at the cover, to see if it draws me in, as you suggested. With a tighter budget these days, I take a pile of good-lookin’ “friends” to the coffee bar and read the back cover copy, then the first few pages. If I’m hooked, intrigued, like the wriiting, the “friend” makes the finals. It’s a sorting process after that!
    The Other Patti

  2. Lynn Rush Says:

    HI!! Yep, I look at the cover, bigtime, but then the back cover blurb. If it doesn’t catch my attention, the book is back on the shelf. ALSO, I look for recommendations from friends too. Writers and non-writers both.

    I tend to stick to what I write (speculative/paranormal)…so that steers me in a direction of what I look at as well.

    Great post today.

  3. Stormi Says:

    Depending on what type of book I am reading I do look at the cover first. If it a romance I really like to see the hero and heroine on the cover. If it is a suspense/horror then I don’t think the cover really does anything for me. I get caught by the title of a book if I am browsing and something catches my eye, then I might look at the back cover..then the back cover seals the deal on whether or not I will take it with me.

  4. Donna Says:

    I am a “cover girl” too. But I have learned not to let a beautiful cover snooker me into buying a book I wont like. I always read the first few pages and the back cover to see if it is something I really want to read.

  5. martha Says:

    Well, so many things for me…it depends on mood, what i actually read. But the biggest thing for me is i open the book and look at the words. There is a look usually about the books, i like. it is hard to explain though! The cover does matter somewhat, but not always.
    When i am just looking around at the library, first i look for books published by christian publishers as i do not usually read anything published after the 1950’s that was not published by a Christian publisher from some bad experiences now, although i do make exceptions occasionally, but it is rare. Then i check the back cover and read it, if it sounds too cliche and i am not in the mood for that, i will check it out and see if i am later, but i like ones that make you think. if it sounds like the character had a hard life and learning to overcome….i am all over it, especially if it looks like there is a little romance. i especially like books about moms that are funny too! i like most books, so you know, usually if it is published by a Christian publisher, i will try it. if I do not like it, i usually end up reading it anyway, but may set it down and start another one to read at the same time and sometimes have returned books and realized i never found out the end, but that is not often.
    There are some really good authors out there now, and i just wish that some of them would write more, but then i have seen some authors who write so many, it either ends up the same story over and over again or they are so ridiculous romance stories, it would be absurd to actually happen and it is hard to read. (I will not name any names!)

  6. ausjenny Says:

    Our local bookshop has very few books but when they do i go for genre and then titles, authors and the back info. I actually bought a couple the back cover hooked me for. Bye Bye bertie by Rick Dewhurst (I think) was one it was not a book i would normally pick but loved it after reading the back.
    When I go to the city we have 2 major Christianbook shops both which have catalogues. The blub about the book often hooks me more so than the cover. The title helps and author. I often will buy novellas so I look for those books. Both shops have the books in Alphabetical order so i cruise the shelfs looking for books that catch my eye and these normally are only showing the spine, I will look and with things like love inspired i look for historical first. To be honest the cover doesn’t always grab me or I may like a cover then read the back blurb and see its not my style or it doesn’t grab me.

  7. The biggest influence for me is word of mouth. But, if I’m just browsing and haven’ heard of the book before, the title would be the first thing that catches my attention. I’m a fan of speculative fiction, so outlandish titles grab me. Then, the back cover blurb, then the first few pages. The cover art is not a big thing for me–I’ve found too many books I love that I didn’t like the artwork on.

  8. Pam Williams Says:

    The front cover is important to me because if there is revealing dress or suggestive posture between those in the picture I put it back.

    The back cover gets a thorough going over. I love mystery or a blurb that leaves my mind with questions with how the problem might get solved.

    Conflict revealed is a great help. I feel my pulse quicken if there is stated conflict but also leaves me with a feeling of suspense.

    If I think of more, I may just come back and add to this if it is ok.

  9. Hey, Patty….great topic for a discussion!

    If I’m shopping at the bookstore, then the cover is the first thing I look at, then, the back cover. And you’re definitely right….lots of the covers that have been coming out lately are just beautiful.

    However, if I’m at the library, I have to hunt for the Christian fiction titles. Thankfully, they’re marked on the spine. My local library does not have a lot of newer titles for Christian fiction, so the cover of the book is not what I look at there. I just read the back cover to decide if I want to check it out.

  10. I look at the author and if it’s someone I’ve already read and enjoyed that’s about all it takes. If it’s someone new, the cover and the title are key to get me to look at the back cover at the overview.

    Now that I’m part of the reading group it’s also lead me to several new authors.

  11. Terry Zike Says:

    Books are my friends. Just like a new introduction what first attracts me is the outward appearance of a book or a person. So the cover is the clothing of this book. If that pasts the first impression you look further. Read the inside label like looking into her eyes, the expression on her face when she talks to you. If you want to know her more, what is on her mind, you will buy time and get to know her better. Buy the book and read it or make time for the friend and grow a relationship. What’s the difference? None.

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