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Questions for writers April 9, 2009

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For those of you who write, what books would you recommend that teach writing or the craft of writing.
My second questions is what inspires you most to write? Do you listen to music or look at a picture, go outdoors or just a quiet place in your house?

4 Responses to “Questions for writers”

  1. Sherrinda Says:

    Hey Patty! I don’t really have any great books YET. But I have a list of those I keep hearing about.
    1. Plot & Structure by James Scott Bell
    2. Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Maass
    3. Writer’s Portable Therapist: 25 Sessions to a Creativity Cure by Rachel Ballon. (I just won this book on the Seekerville blog and can’t wait to get it!)

    I’m sure there are tons more!

    As for inspirations to write…hmmm…I get a major urge to write when my room is clean, it is dark and rainy, and I have a candle lit. That would be my perfect place. The outdoors helps me sometimes too…not sure why.

  2. Self-Editing For Fiction Writers
    Stephen King’s Book – On Writing (this book has some profanity in it, but it’s still a good book about Stephen’s writing journey. It also gives good writing tips and habits.)

  3. Lynn Rush Says:

    HI! Well, I’m reading plot and structure by James Scott Bell (like Sherrinda)….I hear that’s the BEST!

    As for inspiration…Sedona, AZ. The beautiful red rocks….ahhhh..

    And, going for a LONG road bike with my hubby. I just hop in my little saddle and go, go, go. I’ve hashed out so many plot problems doing that. It’s awesome.


  4. Patti Lacy Says:

    My favorite writing book, Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, has already been mentioned. I also love Ann Lamott’s Bird by Bird.

    For inspiration, I turn to genres of music that partner with the book setting. Jazz for 40s New Orleans, Celtic for my beloved Irish cliffs. I’m such an emotional person that the music can transport me to those gorgeous places!

    Speaking of emotion, WOW! Are y’all in for a treat with Julie’s latest! Of course, what else did we expect????? Let’s just say I am rewarding myself with snippets of A Passion Denied as I slog through work.

    Just hear this…Oh, to be a calculating woman. Regrettably, she wasn’t–a definite character flaw at the moment. And one that would have to change.

    Back to reading…uh, work.


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