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Interview with Tina Ann Forkner May 10, 2009


  1. How many books have you written, and what is your latest book?


 I have written two novels. The first one is Ruby Among Us and the one that released May 5th is Rose House. This is the description for Rose House: “Amid a tangle of rose blooms and thorns, widow Lillian Diamon’s private moment of grief is captured in a painting on display in a present-day, Sonoma Valley, California, art gallery. Her quest to find the artist unravels a greater mystery changing everything about her loss — and her future.”




 2.  I love the covers of both your books. The colors are so vivid. How did you come up with them? 

I only wish I had enough talent to come up with such lovely covers. Kelly Howard, a graphic artist for Waterbrook Press, came up with both of the covers. I have been amazed at not only how vivid and artistic they are, but at how well both covers encompass the feeling of the story. Kelly’s work is amazing. I noticed that she also had a hand in the cover, along with Kristopher Orr, of Cyndere’s Midnight, by Jeffrey Overstreet. It is also a stunning cover. Waterbrook artists do great work. 

3.  How does the storyline of Rose House go with Ruby Among Us? 

There is a line in the prologue of Ruby Among Us that talks about how the Rose House will become a place of hope for all that visit it. This is exactly what happens in book two. 

Rose House is set in the vineyards of the Sonoma Valley and is about Lillian’s journey through the grief of losing her family and how she finds hope again. It’s also about sisters, is a mystery and a love story, but on a bigger level, Rose House is really about God as the Master Artist in our lives, as well as about the concept of where and how we all find hope.  

4.  Is there more to come in this story or will you be moving on to a new project? 

I am not sure if we will do more books about La Rosaleda or not, but there are some threads left untied just in case. In the meantime, I have started some new projects that are women’s fiction, but not related to the first two novels. I’m really excited about those. 

5.  I hear some people have given a series name to your books. Tell us about that, and what do you think? 

Some online stores have given both books the name “La Rosaleda Series.” I don’t mind and it just tells me that they think the books complement each other even more than I set out to do. I think it does fit both books nicely since they are so closely related. I set out to write two stand-alone novels, but they are very connected. 

6.  Will a reader be lost if they pick up Rose House and haven’t yet read Ruby Among Us? 

No, not at all. You can read Rose House and never read Ruby Among Us and not be lost. I’ve already heard from several readers who did that and still loved the book. Reading “Ruby” first will just enrich Rose House for the reader. 

7.  How has becoming a published author changed your life? 

Not that much really. I still have to scrub my own toilets, taxi my kids around to activities, and pay bills. The writing life, as my friend Amanda Cabot (Author of Paper Roses) says in one of her workshops, is not the Glamorous Life. 

What I love about it is that I get to create stories and characters that touch readers. Every story needs a reader and being published gets my books out there. I love that. I love hearing feedback from readers about how my stories have touched their lives. 

8.  Thank you Tina for your time and for offering a book to give away. How can readers contact you or purchase your books? 

You are so welcome. I am so excited that Rose House is finally out to join its sister, Ruby Among Us. Both are available for readers at  their favorite local stores, and other online stores. 

Tina has agreed to give away a copy of Rose House so leave a message indicating that you would like to be entered for the drawing and also be sure to leave your email address in coded format to avoid spam such as pattyleblanc[at]123[dot]net. The drawing will be on May 15th.


19 Responses to “Interview with Tina Ann Forkner”

  1. Jo Legat Says:

    I love the covers of both books and really would love to win “Rose House”. Please enter me in the drawing.


  2. Patti Lacy Says:

    Y’all will LOVE this book, which combines the lyrical writing of Ruby Among Us with snippets of suspense.


    Patti Lacy

  3. Becky Carden Says:

    I read, “Ruby Among Us”, and loved it!

    Please enter me in the contest!

    Thank you,

    Becky C.


  4. Pam Williams Says:

    I’ve been excited about Tina’s first book ever since I heard about it and look here, there’s ANOTHER one out too!! How exciting for you, Tina and I’m cheering you on from my home town in Colorado! They both sound great. Please enter me in your drawing, Patty, and thanks for the interview for us all to enjoy.
    Pam Williams
    cepjwms at wb4me dot com

  5. Bev Says:

    Please enter me into the drawing.

    Thank you,


    b(.)werts (at) sbcglobal (.) net

  6. Holly Says:

    I’ve never had a chance to read one of Tina’s book, I would love a chance to win her book.

  7. Janna Ryan Says:

    Tina gets the most beautiful book covers! I would love to be entered!

    ryanx6 at msn dot com

  8. Gail Says:

    I haven’t read any books by this author yet. Please enter me.

    bookwurm70 at gmail dot com

  9. Sherrinda Says:

    I’ve been trying to refrain from trying to win books…it seems I have a lucky streak going right now! I want to let others win!!! lol I’ve had my eye on this book and would love a chance to win!

  10. Cathy Bryant Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful read! Please sign me up.


    catbry1 at yahoo dot com

  11. Patty and Tina, great interview! I have been anxious to get my hands on this book, so please toss my hat in the ring. Thank you!


  12. I enjoyed this interview with Tina. Please enter me for a copy of her latest “Rose House.” Thank you, Tina, and all the best with your novel.

  13. SandyG Says:

    I would love to win “Rose House”! I’ve read “Ruby Among Us” and loved it.
    Please enter me in your giveaway! Thank you.


  14. SandyG Says:

    I forgot my email address again!



  15. Katherine Says:

    I have heard lots of good things about Rose house. I think my friend is actually reviewing the book and being from the Sonoma Valley has me even more interested in reading the book. I do plan on reading Ruby among us as well. Please enter me in the drawing for this book.


  16. Miralee Says:

    Hi My friend!!! I loved this sentence in Tina Ann’s book blurb… Lillian Diamon’s private moment of grief is captured in a painting….. WOW! That’s a powerful image and that alone made me want to read this book. Thanks for the drawing and opportunity to win a book.

    And just curious…I see you have my blog listed but not my website…I guess I assumed that would be added after you’d done my interview and book review. Do you need the url for it?

    Thanks again…you’re a blessing to authors!!! Miralee Ferrell Web Site

  17. pattyleblanc Says:

    The lucky winner is Julie Lessman. Congratulations Julie. I will email you to get your information.

  18. Tina Says:

    Thank you for having me Patty. 🙂

  19. Linda Says:

    I’m enthralled with where the author is taking us in her book. Not what I first expected. Please enter me.
    desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

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