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The Flower of Grass by James E. Robinson July 6, 2009

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John Allen returns to his home town after the death of his alcoholic, abusive father. He has been gone 16 years and has become a successful writer, but with major addiction problems of his own. Now he struggles to make amends with his careworn sister and dropout younger brother – and, perhaps, to pick up the pieces of his teenage love affair with Jessie.
Flower of GrassBut Jessie has grown tired of waiting for letters that ceased to come, and has married. At what cost might theier love be rekindled?
An exquistely written, passionate and thoughtful novel, this is a classic love story framing deeper themes of mortality and passing time, the true nature of faith, and athe delicate balance of human relationships.
Author Bio
james e. robinsonJames E. Robinson is an award-winning singer/songwriter whose songs have been recorded by many country, Christian and rock musicians. He also works as a professional recovery counsellor in Nashville, TN, for more information go to James and his wife Teresa have two children.
My Review
John Allen is in search of the one thing that he feels is missing in his life, his one true love. Years ago he left town to get away from his alcoholic father and also left Jessie behind. Now that he has been away he comes back to see what he can make of his life now that his father has died. The only problem is that Jessie is already married. What can he make of his life now? This story is full of pain trying to be eased and uncertainty of how to effect the easing of that pain.

2 Responses to “The Flower of Grass by James E. Robinson”

  1. Hello,
    And thanks SO much for featuring my book on your site. I appreciate it!
    I did want to mention that the link to my author’s site is incorrect, missing a letter ‘e’ between ‘james’ and ‘robinson.’ The correct link is:

    Again, many thanks!
    jim robinson

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